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Class is in session Shinobi! I’m proud to announce a project we’ve been working on for a while called The Academy. It’s currently under beta testing while we work out the kinks and further develop it. The Academy is geared towards the newer recruits and WIPs, but not limited to them. During this beta testing period, anyone is free to register for The Academy and see what ASF is all about! To the current members of ASF, this is a great opportunity to help the admins and give feedback on this project. After all, this will be a tool to teach new recruits.

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Here’s a break down of how the beta testing period will go:
Those registered for classes will attend lessons twice a week. The lessons shouldn’t take long and aren’t too difficult. The day’s topic will vary with the teacher lecturing that day. Along with lessons, there are mandatory drills and optional workshops.

Lessons are taught by a Sensei and the topics covered ranges from the application process, LinePlay character development, and role play guidelines.
Drills are a chance for cadets to test out and apply the concept taught that week.
Workshops are a great personal character development. These go pass the game and are applicable to real life.

The day’s lesson topic, lecturer, time, and platform(location) will be posted on the ASF website in the ASF calendar sidebar, as well as here.

If you cannot attend a lesson, don’t fret! The lecturer will post cliff notes about the topic and key concepts you should take away from the lesson that day. You can find lecture notes on this page as well.

Let’s have a great school year!
Headmasters Naruto, Konan, & Diep

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Lecture Notes

Lesson 1 Notes

Lesson 2 Notes

Workshop Notes

Workshop 1 Notes