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Volume 2 – Words of Encouragement

Hello there!

I know it’s been a while since the last volume of Fox 9 News but this week we have a few events and blog pieces to share!

Boss Lady Diep’s birthday was on the 4th of July and wanted to thank everyone who wished her a happy birthday. The crew did things from LP posts to fanfics, and even drew her a work of art!

A warm welcome is extended out to Haruka, Akuhei, Miki, and Ino for joining ASF recently! Hope you’re enjoying our company so far!

From our Freelance Writers:
Kiba Inuzuka – Kiba Gives Thanks
Miki – Words From a Fan
             Cherish Fanfic – Chapter 1 (Itachi x Diep x Naruto)
Cherish Fanfic – Chapter 2 (Itachi x Diep x Naruto)


Volume 1 – Start of Something New

Month of March 2016

Welcome to the first installation of Fox 9 News!

So much to cover with so little time. Boss Lady Diep has leaked out the ASF website to everyone just a few weeks before. It’s been a big hit so far! The ASF website is a great place to read the episode and OVA recaps, as well as another source of announcements and entertainment!

I’m proud to announce the start of ASF Fox 9 Newsletters. The editor and publisher of the newsletter will be Diep for now and the headliners, stories, posts will be written by your fellow Shinobis! The Fox 9 Team is still currently under development but if you want to join our writing team send a message to Diep! You can contact her via her email or on kik.

Here’s a little snippet of what our team has to offer.
From our freelance writer Riku: A[忍]F Personal Experiences

Protected: Congratulations!

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General RP Guidelines

A[忍]F holds role play events every now and then on kik.
Be prepared for them by knowing the do’s and don’ts.

There’s a few rules you should be aware of before starting a role play. Depending on the admin hosting the event, there can be an Official Role Play, an Unofficial Role Play, and a Battle Style Role Play. Each are different in style, but the following guidelines apply to all of them.

An admin will usually announce in advance when the next role play will take place, as well as the time. The duration of the role play ranges from half an hour to a few hours. It all depends on the hosting admin and what they decide on.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here’s a break down of the different types of role plays:

Official Role Play – Each role play session becomes an episode or OVA. The hosting admin will write a recap of the session. The scenarios and problems that arise can be simple or complex and may take more than one session to resolve.

Unofficial Role Play – The role play session will not have a recap. The general mood and tone of Unofficial Role Plays tend to be light-hearted and fun.

* Battle Role Play – Role play style is meant to bring more action packed episodes and OVAs.  Those who face off in battle will be determined beforehand by the hosting admin. Those who participate in the Battle Role Play are separated into battle members and spectators. A recap will be provided by the hosting admin.

Battle RP is a style still under development. More about the style is explained on this post here.

When you join ASF and if you’re able to get kik, an admin will invite you to the group chats. Role play events take place in the group chat title RP • Allied Shinobi Forces.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There needs to be at least 5 people participating in the role play for the event to start. If there are not enough people, the hosting admin may postpone the role play. Typically the hosting admin will set the scene just before the event begins. Once the scene is set, the role play can start anytime after.

Note that before you type anything, you need to state your name. This is done so others can tell who is speaking.

Any actions are placed between asterisks.
Example: *I reached for a bowl of ramen, but sadly it disappeared in a puff of smoke.*

Side conversations should be limited in the role play chat, but if you need to, all side conversations are placed between double parenthesis.
Example: ((What’s going on now?))
((The bowl of ramen was just a daydream.))

There are times when people arrive later into the role play. If you are one of those who do, just jump into the conversation and say ((PAUSE)). At this point, everyone in the role play should pause and inform the newly joined member of the current plot. Once everything is cleared, the hosting admin will say ((UNPAUSE)) to officially continue the role play.

If you have any questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact any of the admins!
It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you get into the groove of it, role playing is a great creative and bonding experience.


A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Diep

Zodiac: Cancer, July 4

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jōnin

Jutsu/Techniques: Yin and Yang Release (Genjutsu), Water Release, Sword Play (Kenjutsu)

Personality: compassionate, caring, understanding, stubborn, sassy, adventurous, and a dreamer.

Background: Family orientated. Typically soft spoken, but knows when to take a stand in her beliefs. Moral compass rarely strays. Prefers to handle situations in a smart non-violent manner, but can kick butt if crossed. Hopeless romantic when it comes to love. Weakness and downfall is recklessly trusting others with little doubt. Can be headstrong on certain beliefs/subjects. There’s a lack of tolerance towards those who do wrong and should know better, but enormously patient towards children and those being taught/learning like students.

Born and raised in Konoha. In her earlier years, she was part of ANBU. Has been on countless B-ranked missions and a few A-ranked missions. Currently the advisor to the 7th Hokage. Now spends most days in the Hokage’s office aiding him with paperwork and keeping the peace in the village.


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