I’m not even a member, but you should join ASF just… because you SHOULD.

Hello! I’m Miki, a soon-to-be OC in Allied Shinobi Forces. I really want others to join ASF, because we’re all so TIGHT and close, and those
bonds should be shared. Seriously we’re up on skype doing karaoke pretty much every night, and if we’re not doing karaoke, we talk till like… 5AM. We have heart to heart talks and all that good stuff.
You will feel so welcomed. If you’re having problems or anything, don’t be afraid to speak to the ASF members. I’m Kiba’s cousin, so I just joined and talked to them
for the heck of it, and I found it was super duper fun talking to everyone! Seriously, everyone there is so sweet. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and just let go. No one’s judging
you there. And some super duper sweet people I should mention: Iriscee, Diep, Haruka, Kushina, Hima, and so much more. ❤

Oh, but it’s not just skype! Apparently there’s a lot going on in their KIK too. Good mornings and good nights with people who share common interests… Talking about work, school, getting help with various things. I stalk Kiba’s phone, OK?
A range of ages, from 12-24, (or so I think). It’s not just roleplaying we do together, we’re playing Super Smash Brothers and Pokemon together too.
You defintely won’t find another RP group like this…


P.S. Sorry, it’s cheesy. HAHA.