So… it’s really hard for guys to express their feelings, y’know? But I heard some people needed some encouragement,
and well, they helped me whether they knew it or not. So for my own reasons as well, I wanted to express my thanks. And if you’re not here,
you’re awesome, I just… these people really made an impact on me.
So I’ll start with our main character: Naruto. He was an awesome friend and the first to approach me when I made this account.
To be honest, we don’t talk as much now so I can’t say much, but… when we did talk, it was always fun. He always tried to
include everyone.
Next… if it weren’t for this person, I probably wouldn’t be here. But she reached out and talked to me when I joined and that… made
me feel like I had a reason to stay. I appreciate how she tried to start conversations, and how she would thank me for doing trivial things
like giving her a heart on Line Play. (Lol). Anyways, I think she’s a good person. I feel a bit sorry because I’m an awkward person so my
responses may have felt insincere. But yeah. Oh, by the way that person is Konan.
I didn’t expect this development to happen, but Diep ended up being the person closest to me in the group. It just started with karaoke, then LINE,
and BAM. Secrets came out, and she’s probably the person who knows the most about me in the group now. Honestly even though I’m really thankful
towards her, I don’t know what to say. Guys aren’t good with words, alright? Just know I’m really thankful towards you.
Okay and the reason I’m so active on ASF right now, they probably don’t even know this… but these people, seriously, THANK YOU. During this time,
I was actually going through some uh… mental hardships and well, I could never find a moment to join in the ASF lounge convo’s on KIK. I’m a shy person
unexpectedly? Lol. Yeah, I just happened to join in on their conversation. I’ve never talked to either of them, but it was the first time I felt welcomed. And after
I talked to them once, well, I turned on my KIK notifications and just started talkin’. I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know the ASF members as well as I do
now if it weren’t for them. Ah, by the way, this message goes to Himawari and Hinata.
And… that’s it.
Thank you. 😀