Name: Kushina
Clan: Uzumaki
Zodiac: Cancer
Village: Konoha
Jutsu/Technique: Adamantine Sealing Chains, Eight Trigrams Sealing style, Four symbols seal
Personality: during my childhood I was a pretty stubborn and headstrong. Jiraiya always said I was tomboyish and pretty talkative. Once I grew up I became cheerful and kind, but when someone angered me I was quick to be violent.
Background: I was brought to Konoha as a little girl to become the next nine tails jinchuriki. I went to the academy and got the nickname Tomato. I also claimed that I would be the first female hokage. I ended bullying and getting into fights with the people that bullied me, and got the nickname red hot habanero. One time I was kidnapped by ninja from the cloud, I left strands of my hair for someone to find me, and Minato came to my rescue. We fell in love, got married, and had Naruto.