Academy~Lesson Two Notes

In lesson two, the students were introduced to the application process.

The application is the form you will need to fill out to apply for ASF. This form will be read and approved by the Hokage so we want it to be perfect, or almost perfect. 😉

This form can be found in the Hokage’s diary but feel free to PM Konan anytime.
*Note: Current ASF members do not need to re-fill it out, but if their character information is not on the website send it to Diep

In the application for OCs (original characters), there are a few vocabulary words  and important things which needs to be addressed.

Two important things on the OC application are the terms specific characteristics and personality. They may seem very similar but they are different. Specific Characteristics are unique and defining features of a character. On the other hand, personality are more general and generic.

Another thing to watch out for, is spelling. Make sure important terms like Konoha, Uchiha, Uzumaki, etc. are spelled correctly. Proper grammar throughout the application is also an important factor.
*Note: there is a post in the Hokage’s diary titled “Reasons your O.C Application might have been passed over” for more information.

Onto the Naruto Character application. A Naruto Character needs to have legit cosplay with their LP avatar (if you do not have LP yet, do not worry about this) If you have any questions about the outfits, feel free to contact Diep, Naruto and Konan. The face is also an important part of this. It is recommended to make a new avatar for cosplaying, however you may choose to go to the face shop for existing LP avatars. Please check with the admins (Naruto, Diep, and Konan).

The next part of the Naruto Character application will be to post a picture of your avatar along side of the Naruto character that you’re cosplaying. Attach a description of the character as if you were in their shoes.

(For more information, ask Diep, Konan, or Naruto and visit Naruto’s Diary)

Any questions? Feel free to ask Diep or Konan.

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