Month of March 2016

Welcome to the first installation of Fox 9 News!

So much to cover with so little time. Boss Lady Diep has leaked out the ASF website to everyone just a few weeks before. It’s been a big hit so far! The ASF website is a great place to read the episode and OVA recaps, as well as another source of announcements and entertainment!

I’m proud to announce the start of ASF Fox 9 Newsletters. The editor and publisher of the newsletter will be Diep for now and the headliners, stories, posts will be written by your fellow Shinobis! The Fox 9 Team is still currently under development but if you want to join our writing team send a message to Diep! You can contact her via her email or on kik.

Here’s a little snippet of what our team has to offer.
From our freelance writer Riku: A[忍]F Personal Experiences