Here are some of our own Shinobis telling you about their experience being part of A[忍]F. Perhaps one day you could join too and tell us your experience! ( ^◡^)っ

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Riku Uchiha: Personally, A[忍]F members have taught me a lot. When I’m talking to them in the lounge, I feel calm because I can express how I truly feel and I even get help when I needed it. The A[忍]F members are always there for you when you need it most and that is what I like to call true friendship. They’re all so nice and caring and can comfort you when you feel down, all you have to do is ask. The members are people you can fully trust. When you get to meet them more and talk to them, you pretty much feel like you’re part of this group instead of feeling lonely which adds to your confidence. In this group you get to meet so many people and do so many things, but an important thing that I felt I gained was friendship. Friendship is something that’s more than just talking and bonding, friendship can make you trust people the more you get to know them. Joining A[忍]F made me realized the friendship is getting to know others. I’ve made so many friends because of A[忍]F and it makes me feel so grateful. I thank every single member of the A[忍]F for being friends with me. It has helped me become more confident and friendly, so I thank you. If you haven’t joined A[忍]F yet, JOIN!!! You’ll find a lot of friendly members you could talk to and there are many events as well as role-plays to participate in. I look forward to future events we do in A[忍]F and I also look foward to new A[忍]F members ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ