A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Iriscee

Clan: Hōzuki

Zodiac: Scorpio

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jōunin

Jutsu/Techniques: Water Release and Wind Release

Personality: Kind, compassionate, caring, generous, understanding, a bit clumsy at times. A shy but polite girl who relies on her friends to slowly push her to be more outgoing. Can’t tolerate people who do wrong and don’t admit their faults. Prefers to handle difficult situations without using too much violence, and uses her skills past the max when it comes to protecting her precious comrades.

Background: Born and raised in Konoha, but temporarily taken to its outskirts b/c of a bandit raid.Her parents went on a mission, but they never returned.She returned to Konoha right after she obtained knowledge that they were killed by a water yōkai.At age 9, she discovered her 2nd skill when she coincidentally fought against the water yōkai who had killed her parents.She continues to fight for Konoha and her comrades.