Our OVA begins with a sunny clear day in Konoha. Naruto is in his office left with a large pile of documents from Diep to look over and approve. Among the papers are village projects, crucial documents, and peace treaties between the other villages. He dozes off within a few pages.

Meanwhile Kushina, Yoki, and Diep were eating. They were having a girl’s luncheon to catch up after the recent battle they faced. Kushina left to make dinner. Diep and Yoki headed back to the Hokage’s office.

Hinata picked up the last ramen bowl from Ichiraku to surprise Naruto for lunch. She headed on over to the office to deliver the ramen. Naruto woke up from his nap happy that Hinata brought food. Unfortunately, he spilled the ramen all over the peace treaties.

On the way to the office Yoki and Diep met Kiba and Akamaru. Kiba was out on a stroll, taking Akamaru for a walk when he decided to join the two heading to the Hokage’s office.

Naruto takes off his jacket as he frantically tries to clean up the mess. But, it was too late. Yoki bursts into the office followed by Diep, Kiba, and Akamaru. Hilarity ensues and chaos breaks loose as Diep finds out that Naruto spilled ramen broth all over the documents he had to sign with hints from Yoki, Kiba, and Akamaru. Naruto slips away with Hinata trying to evade Diep’s further wrath. Just before he left, he made a clone to replace him.

Sasuke meets Sakura briefly before heading over to Naruto’s office. On the way there, he meets Rinu and Gaara. When they arrive, they notice the office is in chaos as Naruto’s mistake unfolds.

Diep produced a second copy of the treaty to have Gaara look over and afterwards, carefully placed the document away. It was revealed that Naruto slyly left his mess to a clone. Yoki, Rinu, Sasuke, and Gaara went to find Naruto.

The group was soon joined by Kushina. Her mother senses were tingling and she knew that Naruto got himself into trouble. Enraged that Naruto messed up, she went with the others to seek him out.

They found Naruto near the academy tree dozing with Hinata. Kushina gave Naruto a good beating while the others stood by as spectators.

To no avail did Naruto wake up. Kushina gave up and decided they should go back for dinner. Gaara went back to his village seeing as he already signed the peace treaty. Diep, Yoki, Rinu, and Sasuke went their separate ways.

Later that night, Naruto ended up back in his office half asleep. He was able to zoom through the pile of documents faster in this dream like state than when he was awake. Hinata realized Naruto was gone and followed him to his office.

Kushina awoke suddenly remembering her grandchildren. She had not seen them all day. What kind of parents forget about their children? Thankfully, they were at their Aunt Sakura’s house for the day.

At the office:
Insert fan service moment here. Naruto’s bærito is forever Hinata.
Diep was still up planning the Hokage’s schedule and dropped by the office with Yoki to pick up some documents she had forgotten. They happen to see this kawaii moment between Naruto and Hinata and decided against waking them up.

Turns out, Akame from Ichiraku accidentally knocked a bottle of sake into the last bowl of ramen during lunch. Our hokage was placed into a drunken stupor from the ramen he ate.

OVA 2 ended with our shinobi looking forward to a new tomorrow.

Summary written by [忍] Diep