Naruto sits with his special pack of instant ramen and decides if he wants to eat it now or later, but he gets interrupted by Kushina wanting to take it for herself and eat it.

This results in a little chase between Naruto and his ramen. With time, everyone somehow gathers in Naruto’s house. While Hinata was on the streets of Konoha, she lost Himawari. Luckily, Konan found her and returned Himawari to her lovely parents. Rinu decides to leave Naruto’s place with Konan and the two get into a small fight with a gang of bad apples, but it was quickly resolved.

Later, Konan sent Rinu back to Naruto’s house before heading back to Amegakure. Back in Naruto’s house, some people started to make dangos while others were watching the game of Mortal Kombat going on between Hinata and Mieko. After the tough battle, Hinata won the game and everyone decided to play truth or dare.


Summary written by [忍] Konan
Edits by [忍] Diep