Today was one of those rare days where Naruto didn’t need to come into the office. He finally had a day off so he was at home fast asleep dreaming about ramen. Alas, his peaceful day didn’t last long. Riku, Rinu, and Yoki knocked on his bedroom window. Half awake, he lets them in.

Riku comes in wondering what Naruto’s going to do for Valentine’s Day, but Naruto pays no mind and falls asleep. Yoki wanted more ramen coupons, but Naruto didn’t have any on him. Disappointed, she decided to find Diep to see if she had any. Boruto and Himawari finally wake up and interrupt Naruto and Riku’s convo. Riku left with Kushina’s clothes for some reason XD

Meanwhile Diep and Yoki were at Naruto’s office, taking the last stash of ramen coupons. Yoki invited her out for lunch. They went on over to Ichiraku where they met Kushina. After their meal, Yoki goes back to Naruto’s house to challenge him and his kids for more free coupons. Kushina went off to shop for groceries, and Diep went back to the office.

Naruto, Yoki, Boruto, and Himawari play hide and seek and it turns for the worse. Naruto finds a mysterious box labeled “For Naruto”. But before he could figure out what it was, Yoki stopped him. He was still curious about the box but Yoki suggested they continue their game of hide and seek. The kids eventually hid in the same closet that the box was in. Naruto was closing in on the kids, so as a distraction Boruto took Himawari’s teddy bear and ran for it. Naruto went after Boruto while Yoki was left to see a scary side of Himawari. Naruto was able to get the teddy bear back but not before he was sucker punched by Himawari. Safe to say, he was knocked out cold.

Shikamaru came back from a mission injured and checked into the hospital. But he snuck away the first chance he got.

Riku was beaten up for stealing Kushina’s clothes and revealed he wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day. They both learned to make chocolates.

Hinata came back from her mission to find her kids occupied with themselves. Himawari was eating sweet treats in the kitchen while Boruto was playing games. She eventually found Naruto wedged up against a wall. Hinata placed her husband back in his bed and went to question her little ones about their father. They both avoided the question and were saved by Diep and Yoki’s sudden appearance.

Diep came by to pick up a document that Naruto accidentally took with him but since he was down for the count, she decided to get it later. Diep headed on over to Kushina’s place to see what she was up to. Yoki came back and decided to tell Hinata what happened until she was reminded of Himawari’s angry side. She decided to keep quiet. All the while, Yoki pondered how life would be like with a family. It has not been revealed yet, but clues hint at a dark past.

Our episode leaves us wondering what happened to Shikamaru and where he went, who Riku’s special someone is, what’s in this red box for Naruto, and Yoki’s relationship with her family, especially her mother

Summary written by [忍] Diep