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February 2016

Episode 4: Yoki’s Past Divulged

The citizens of Konoha resumed their daily lives like usually after the fire was contained. Diep sent out a town notice that the fire was caused by a training gone awry. Those involved in the training were reprimanded and lectured. A few injuries occurred, but none were life-threatening. What the village didn’t know was that there was more to the fire than face value.

Back at the office Diep was up all night sifting through files and documents in the archives room in the basement. She finally found files related to the current case that dated back decades ago. Konoha has moved into a more technological advanced time, but the old archive files were kept for record. Reading through the various files, it hit her. It made sense why Yoki was a target.

This matter started a few decades ago…

Yoki was taken in at the age of 8 by a foster family who found her in the forest near Konoha’s borders. She was found in a state of shock and roughed up. It was under investigation for a while about her origins, but with not many clues, the investigation was halted. The shinobi that found her took her in all the same. At first, Yoki was unresponsive to her adoptive family, but slowly over the course of the next year she began to open up to them, talking and interacting with them. It was about 4 years later, her adoptive family was KIA (killed in action). They were on a A-ranked mission and unfortunately did not return from it. So at the age of 12 she was put under the remote care of an orphanage. When she turned 16, she received permission to work and live on her own.

Shuffling through older newspapers around the the same year, Diep was able to find a few more clues that were overlooked. There was a similar incident at a village many km away where a large fire broke out just before noon, but little damage resulted. What caught her eye was that a  week long storm just passed through the region before the fire broke out. It reminder her of the day before when Konoha had a storm, and how Mieko’s monkey stole the Hokage’s planner. Putting that aggravating thought aside, Diep continued her search. The source of the fire was never discovered but documented photos were taken around what they thought was the source of the fire. It was just puddles of water in the forest most likely from the storm.

Diep was on the brink on insanity. She was combing through the same files for the next 4 hours and nothing stood out. Just as Diep was about to close the files, a glimmer on the photo struck her attention. She didn’t notice this earlier, but the glimmer was a shine from something reflective, not due to the sun in the photo. She scanned the photo into her desktop and used a program to enlarge and fix the photo. As the program cranked out the resolution, it was clear that what was in the photo was a shard. A similar shard that Konan’s paper scouts found. Diep produced the shard encased in a petridish from her pocket. It was the same! Now to figure out what connected this to Yoki. She sent the shard to the lab for testing. Diep wanted to find out what this shard was.

This new discovery sent Diep on another research frenzy. She gave strict orders to not let anyone bother her unless it was an emergency. She ran back and forth from the library and the archives room, to the Hokage’s office. The lab report was sent back and it was concluded that the shard is made up of small traces of chakra. It was a part of a ninjutsu. Within a few more hours, she uncovered older files about techniques that had any remote connections to a glass technique. Another hour passed as she started to throw her stress ball at the window. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk… the last throw was a bit hard and a piece of the window cracked. A small shard fell to the ground. As she went to retrieve the stress ball, she thought of how she had to call someone to fix the window before the Hokage came back and saw the shard…shard. Glass…shard?

Aha! She got it. She ran back to her desk and scrambled to find the lab report.

Lab Results
Requested by: Diep
Priority: 1st order
Performed by: ---
Trials: 5

Physical properties: crystallized water, transparent, clear, sharp, reflective, intricate matrix under microscopy, shard size of 1.54 cm.

Composition: small traces of chakra were found within the shard (< 10 CU)
The amount of CU is infinitely smaller than the a usual chakra infused item (> 50 CU)
*CU is chakra units.

Comments: The small traces of chakra reveal that the shard is part of a jutsu. Five trials were done until this small amount could be seen. It cannot be deducted which jutsu this shard belongs to.

The shards made up a mirror. More specifically, it was a ninjutsu where the user created a reflective mirror. If placed at certain angles, the mirror can be made to reflect something not even present. Thus, a real fire could be made elsewhere, and reflected throughout the forest to make it seem like there was a large fire. The shards were made using some type of ice jutsu so just when the sun is out at noon, the mirrors would melt. Anyone who would walk into the forest after wouldn’t see the mirrors and wouldn’t question the puddles of water due to a storm. Unfortunately for them, there were residue shards that did not melt. So now the question is, what’s the connection with Yoki?

Diep sat in the Hokage’s chair spinning around. She mentally ran through the information she read over the past few hours again. She pulled up Yoki’s therapy session records again. Scrolled through the comments made and found another clue. Yoki’s mother. Whenever the therapist mentions her mother, Yoki freezes, but it was during the very first time Yoki arrived in Konoha that her conversation with the investigator was recorded. She mentions her mother and bits and pieces of a dark cave, scary skeleton monsters, long metal snakes, and a forest. This was written off as a child’s vivid imagination, but Diep took it into consideration. What if she was describing a place?

Diep rolled the chair over the her desktop. She pulled up a map of the surrounding regions, and then a comprehensive list of all documented shinobi and the techniques each uses. Of course she obtained these through a backhanded manner. You’re not allowed to go through confidential material unless you have the access code for it. The ones in charge of this information should really change their online security. Making a mental note of this, she continued her search. She narrowed the list down to water, glass, ice, and material making jutsus. There were many throughout the world, but a majority comes from Takigakure, the Village Hidden by a Waterfall. Of course they would have the most water element using shinobis. After cross checking the shinobis that could use a mirror like ninjutsu, she hit a dead end. They were either on missions, or placed elsewhere that could not put them at a scene near Konoha. She closed the program and the world map came up again.

Mountains’ Graveyard

It was an region between Takigakure, the Village Hidden by a Waterfall and Otogakure, the Village Hidden by Sound. It was a thick forest filled with the bones of ancient giant creatures. “scary skeleton monsters” Maybe, just maybe. Diep pulled up any information pertaining to the area. It was seen that Tobi of the Akatsuki appeared a few times in the region. Not much surfaced after that.

Going off of very scattered information, Diep decided to send Yoki away with a fellow shinobi she trusts. It was better to have Yoki traveling around than to be stationary in Konoha. If she has ties with something deeper, then they’ll surely come back for her. Diep sent a messenger bird to Sora-san to call her back immediately. She was an old ANBU friend of Diep’s that always traveled, and never settled down. It was decided that once Yoki woke up, she would travel with Sora-san and grow under her guidance.

Yoki’s background: Within her family, she had an older sister name Rin. Rin was the favored child who excelled in her studies. An accident took her away at the age of 15 and her family was broken afterwards. Yoki was only 5 at the time and very close to her father. He was the one that encouraged her the most in the family to try her best. Shortly after, her father also passed away. Yoki’s mother started to go delusional and project Rin’s image in Yoki. Her mother was convinced that she only had one daughter, Rin. Thus, Yoki lived in the shadow of her sister. Although Yoki tried hard to please her mother, it was apparent that Rin and Yoki were different in personality and skills. It arrived to the point where her mother would pretend to be the ideal mother in public, but when the front door was shut, she would ignore Yoki. Her mother couldn’t take it anymore and snapped one day. She took Yoki out under the pretense that they were going on a trip. After travelling for days, they arrived at Mountains’ Graveyard. Her mother told Yoki to sit underneath a tree while she went to get water for their picnic. Hours pass and Yoki grew restless. She wondered why her mother hasn’t returned, but knew she shouldn’t move. Night fell and Yoki came the the thought that her mother abandoned her. She started to sob and the sky grew darker and the moon rose.

Her cries grew louder and the forest seemed to swallow up this small girl. A figure in a dark cloak past by. “Little girl, why are you in this forest and crying so loudly? Do you want to wake up the bones of the ancient creatures?” Yoki stopped her crying, but was still sniffling. As she wiped her tears, she as able to mumble out that her mom left her here. The cloaked figure calmed Yoki and decided to take her in. With not much of a choice, Yoki followed him.

Over the next few years Yoki trained under Obito, at the time named Tobi. He had plans to use her in an experiment that would further his goals. After 3 years passed by, results were not seen. Tobi decided that it was time to cut ties with Yoki since she couldn’t produce results. In order to keep his activities a secret, she had to go. The night Yoki was to be disposed of, she woke up kicking and screaming. Yoki eventually clawed her way out of her temporary home and ran away as quick as she could. The days leading up to the moment, she grew suspicious knowing that her master had given up teaching her. She ran far and as long as her legs could carry her at the age of 8. Eventually, she stopped from exhaustion and laid against a tree near the border of Konoha. A few days after, the shinobi from Konoha and her future adoptive parents found her on their way back from a mission.

Yoki gained conscious at the hospital and word was sent to the Hokage’s office. She has locked this part of her memory away and cannot recall it. Her body shuts down to prevent the recollection of her past.
Diep went to visit her and told Yoki that she will begin her new journey traveling with Sora-san. Yoki was a bit hesitant at first, but decided that in order to become a better shinobi, she would go on this new journey.


Summary written by [忍] Diep


OVA 3: Monkey Business/Fire in the Forest!

The Hokage was still away from Konoha for official business. He left the village in the hands of his most trusted shinobis to protect and to keep the peace, but some trouble is brewing just around the corner.

The day before, a storm passed through the village. It was rainy and gloomy throughout the day. The next morning, the sun came out and the clouds were swept away, but the ground was still wet and muddy. Diep was in the office early in the morning taking care of last minute preparations for the Hokage’s schedule. The planner held everything from events, dates, projects, and missions. Thus, it it vital to keep it on hand. She finished penciling in Naruto’s plans and closed the planner. A gust of wind knocked some documents and she was left on the floor to pick them up. At that moment, a mischievous monkey climbed onto the roof of the office and entered the office. The monkey was attracted to the shinning seal of the Hokage on the planner and decided to take it. Diep looked up just in time to see the monkey run off with the planner. She swore and gave chase to the monkey jumping out the window after it.

From below the office Atsuko and Tsuki sees a monkey jump out of the window and head towards the direction of the forest. Shortly after, they see Diep emerging from the window about to jump. “DIEP” Both girls yell out. It startled her and she fell into a mud puddle instead of sticking her landing. They help her up as she wipes off the mud that’s now all over while asking what she’s doing. She explains that she needs to go after the monkey that ran out the window. It took something important from her.

Yoki is chilling around town when all of a sudden she sees a monkey run by. Curious thing, but she pays no attention as she was heading to see Diep for more ramen coupons. Konan came by to visit Konoha on business and runs right into the monkey. She notices the planner with the Hokage’s seal and within that second, she caught the monkey along with the planner. She remembered that the planner is usually carried by Diep and decided to return it to her. Just as security, she took the suspiciously mischievous monkey along so she wouldn’t be blamed for the incident. On her way to the office she runs into Kushina. Kushina was out in town looking for lunch to grab for Minato, Boruto, and Himawari. She was taking care of the kids since their parents were still away on business. Kushina notices Konan and the monkey and asks what brings the two into town. Konan explains how she was here for business and came across the monkey with Diep’s planner. The two head on out to return it to her.

Atsuko and Tsuki left Diep promising to ask around if anyone has seen the monkey. After a few “no”s they ran into Yoki. She was coming from the office dejected that no one was there and that she wasn’t getting her free lunch. They explained to Yoki about the monkey only to find out that she saw it about half an hour ago. It was probably long gone by now. They decided to give up on the search and to train in the forest. The three decided it would be a good to brush up and hone their skills and techniques. As they walked the forest trail, they found Yui and Riku already training in a clearing. The three decided it would be fun to join them and train as well.

Diep is left scanning the town for anyone who has seen the monkey. She was hot on its trail until all of a sudden, no one saw it anymore. She came to a dead end. Diep sat down in the middle of the street and laid down in desperation and started to mope. She stared at the sky when a group of kids came up to her. “Onee-san. What are you doing on the ground? Is this a new game?” They joined her on the ground and stared at the sky. “No…I just lost something really important. The Hokage is going to fire me now. Can you kids get me a taiyaki from over there?” She asks as she rolls around on the ground. Kushina, Konan, and the monkey continue walking through the market on their way to the Hokage’s office when they overhear some of the villagers talking. “Poor Diep, she’s just laying there.” They hear this and turn to see a spectacular sight. Diep was rolling on the ground hopelessly. They approach her and try to console her. She was blabbering non-sense when Konan started to explain that she found the Hokage’s planner along with the monkey. She was relieved to see the planner one second, and the next, she was ready to kill the monkey; all the trouble he caused her. Mieko was walking down the street just back from a mission. She came to ask what the commotion was all about when she realized that her monkey was hanging around. The monkey belong to her. She skedaddled with the monkey before Diep exploded again. Kushina continued her search for lunch while Diep and Konan headed back to the office.

The forest was lively with a bunch of different ninjutsu thrown by our five shinobi training. It was Atsuko against Yoki, Tsuki and Yui, with Riku interjecting here and there. After a few minutes, they interchanged partners and continued their training. The training was going well until one of the techniques went out of control. A fire jutsu was thrown and the tree caught on fire. The fire spread quickly without much time to react. Tsuki, Atsuko, and Yui were able to back away before the flames circled off and enclosed Yoki and Riku. Yui dashed away trying to avoid any oncoming trouble, Tsuki ran off to get help, and Atsuko stayed behind trying to put out the fire and rescue Yoki and Riku. The flames grew bigger and Yoki started to panic. Riku was trying to fan the flames out to no avail. Yoki’s vision blurred and she slumped down to the ground. Riku realizes this and tries to slap her awake but it’s not effective.

Diep was back at the office relieved that the Hokage’s planner was back in her hands when suddenly the door burst open. It was Tsuki. She explained the situation and how the forest fire was spreading quickly. Diep sent word out to ask those free to help contain the fire while another squad kept the citizens at bay. Back at home, Kushina heard there was a commotion near the forest from Minato. Apparently there was a forest fire and a distress call was sent to those that are able went to help put it out. Kushina decided to seek out Diep to figure out what occurred.  She found Diep in one of the clearings using a fire extinguisher to put out a massive fire. It didn’t work as well as the water ninjutsu that others were using. Once the fire was a dull roar, Diep and Kushina left the scene to inspect the cause and damage done.

They came to the clearing where Atsuko was still trying to put out the fire. Yoki and Riku were still engulfed in the flames. They moved quickly to put out the fire, and when they did, they rushed to aid Yoki and Riku. Riku was coughing due to inhaling too much smoke, but he was fine. Yoki on the other hand took on a few burns. Diep sent Tsuki to call out for anyone from the medical division to help while Atsuko explained what happened. Those present were training and fooling around until it became tense between her and Yoki. Atsuko accidentally struck Yoki right before the fire occurred and thus, left her unconscious. Tsuki and Sakura arrived shortly after and attempted to heal Yoki. At first it seemed as if Yoki sustained 3rd degree burns, but after a few minutes the appearance of the wounds faded as if the illusion was broken. It was a strange occurrence, Yoki wasn’t hurt at all, she just fell unconscious from the hit earlier. Diep had Sakura and Kushina bring everyone to the medical center for a check-up to ensure everyone was alright while she went back to those putting out the second fire.

Rinu was coming back from a mission and saw a huge commotion coming from the forest. As he headed towards the forest, he crossed paths with Yui. She seemed to be panicky and running away from the source of the commotion. He decided to tail her and see what she was up to. Rinu was following Yui at a distance and when she suddenly passed out from exhaustion, he caught her and transported her to the hospital. Once he dropped her off, he went on to find the others.

Those at the second fire finally snuffed it out and gave a report to Diep. The fire was contained and minimal damage was done. The source of the fire was still unknown. At that moment, Konan came by to see if she could help. She offered to send her paper scouts to maximize the search  while the three went off searching for the source of the fires.

Konoha’s medical center:
Yoki was still unconscious. The hit she received wasn’t what knocked her out. She took the blow from Atsuko just fine, but the moment she was surrounded by fire her mind blanked out. It triggered a memory from her past, one that was too painful that her body locked up and to protect herself and her mind shut down.

Back to the scene of the fire. Konan’s paper scouts returned with a mirror-like shard. It was clear, transparent, and reflected well. Her paper scouts led Konan and Diep further into the forest. When they arrived at the source, Konan pointed out that her paper scouts found the shard near the bottom of a few trees. Another messenger bird flew by. Konan was being called back to Amegakure and had to leave. She bid Diep farewell and to call on her if she needed any other help. On closer inspection, Diep figured out how a fake fire was created. She took this new information with her back to the office. Before she could conclude anything, she had to make sure her hunch was correct. She believed that there was two separate fires: there was a real fire and a fake one. Both fires took place, but one was made to look larger using smoke and mirrors.

OVA 3 ends with a lot of questions unanswered. How in the world did Mieko get a monkey? Who started the second forest fire and how exactly did they do it? Will Yoki wake up soon? Will we find out more about her past? Is there a connection between Yoki and the forest fire? Find out next time!

*Prequel to OVA 3 is Episode 3. The continuation and answers to our questions can be found in Episode 4.


Summary written by [忍] Diep


General RP Guidelines

A[忍]F holds role play events every now and then on kik.
Be prepared for them by knowing the do’s and don’ts.

There’s a few rules you should be aware of before starting a role play. Depending on the admin hosting the event, there can be an Official Role Play, an Unofficial Role Play, and a Battle Style Role Play. Each are different in style, but the following guidelines apply to all of them.

An admin will usually announce in advance when the next role play will take place, as well as the time. The duration of the role play ranges from half an hour to a few hours. It all depends on the hosting admin and what they decide on.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here’s a break down of the different types of role plays:

Official Role Play – Each role play session becomes an episode or OVA. The hosting admin will write a recap of the session. The scenarios and problems that arise can be simple or complex and may take more than one session to resolve.

Unofficial Role Play – The role play session will not have a recap. The general mood and tone of Unofficial Role Plays tend to be light-hearted and fun.

* Battle Role Play – Role play style is meant to bring more action packed episodes and OVAs.  Those who face off in battle will be determined beforehand by the hosting admin. Those who participate in the Battle Role Play are separated into battle members and spectators. A recap will be provided by the hosting admin.

Battle RP is a style still under development. More about the style is explained on this post here.

When you join ASF and if you’re able to get kik, an admin will invite you to the group chats. Role play events take place in the group chat title RP • Allied Shinobi Forces.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There needs to be at least 5 people participating in the role play for the event to start. If there are not enough people, the hosting admin may postpone the role play. Typically the hosting admin will set the scene just before the event begins. Once the scene is set, the role play can start anytime after.

Note that before you type anything, you need to state your name. This is done so others can tell who is speaking.

Any actions are placed between asterisks.
Example: *I reached for a bowl of ramen, but sadly it disappeared in a puff of smoke.*

Side conversations should be limited in the role play chat, but if you need to, all side conversations are placed between double parenthesis.
Example: ((What’s going on now?))
((The bowl of ramen was just a daydream.))

There are times when people arrive later into the role play. If you are one of those who do, just jump into the conversation and say ((PAUSE)). At this point, everyone in the role play should pause and inform the newly joined member of the current plot. Once everything is cleared, the hosting admin will say ((UNPAUSE)) to officially continue the role play.

If you have any questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact any of the admins!
It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you get into the groove of it, role playing is a great creative and bonding experience.

Spirit, Snow Mai

A[忍]F Original Character

Name:Snow Mai

Clan: Spirit

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jōunin

Jutsu/Techniques: Ice Release, Fire Release, and Puppetry

Personality: Serious, emotionless, clumsy, hard headed, and not talkative.

Background: Snow Spirit was 4 when she was beaten to a pulp by some of her comrades. Itachi Uchiha found her laying in the middle of the forest. She was taken to a clinic for a checkup. She was fine except for a broken heart that may never heal. As she grew up she became good friends with Sakura, Sasuke, Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Gara, and the Hokage himself, Naruto. She saw the beauty in everything thing and even made Sasori REALLY smile. She currently is in the Akatsuki to help save her beloved home whom may be doomed.

Hōzuki, Iriscee

A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Iriscee

Clan: Hōzuki

Zodiac: Scorpio

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jōunin

Jutsu/Techniques: Water Release and Wind Release

Personality: Kind, compassionate, caring, generous, understanding, a bit clumsy at times. A shy but polite girl who relies on her friends to slowly push her to be more outgoing. Can’t tolerate people who do wrong and don’t admit their faults. Prefers to handle difficult situations without using too much violence, and uses her skills past the max when it comes to protecting her precious comrades.

Background: Born and raised in Konoha, but temporarily taken to its outskirts b/c of a bandit raid.Her parents went on a mission, but they never returned.She returned to Konoha right after she obtained knowledge that they were killed by a water yōkai.At age 9, she discovered her 2nd skill when she coincidentally fought against the water yōkai who had killed her parents.She continues to fight for Konoha and her comrades.

Kana, Tsuki

A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Tsuki Kana

Clan: Unknown

Zodiac: Gemini

Village: Konoha

Rank: Chūnin

Jutsu/Techniques: Lightning Release

Personality: Is a bit conceded, and juvenile. Shy, but you don’t realize it.  Weak, persistent, and selfish. A bit cold-hearted, attempts to be kind.  Just wants to everyone to be happy, even if it makes her unhappy.  Though no one notices it, she secretly is terrible with her emotions.

Background: Tsuki Kana couldn’t find a reason to live.  Her whole clan was annihilated, her being the only survivor for some reason.  There was actually no reason, or so she thought.  Most of her memories were forgotten, just because she wanted it all to disappear.  At a young age, she was betrayed and forgotten. Her clan was annihilated when she was barely 1, so a female named Mitsuki took care of her.  Not knowing her name, Mitsuki gave the child a name.  Tsuki coming from her name, Kana meaning powerful.  Tsuki cared for Mitsuki, as if she was her own mother.  It was not until she turned 12, and faced the truth, Mitsuki killed her family.  She was 12 and weak, she couldn’t do anything, so she ran.  She ran as fast as she could.  She ended up still in Konoha, although it felt she ran to a whole new village.  Tears began to stream down her face, as if it was so natural.  She promised herself she would never cry again, and to not trust anyone again.

Hamasaki, Yui

A[忍]F Original Character

Name: Yui Hamasaki

Clan: Unknown

Zodiac: Leo

Village: Konoha

Rank: Chūnin

Jutsu/Techniques: Lightning Release and Water Release

Personality: Yui Hamasaki is quiet but soft in the inside, would protect everyone even if I have to die. She’s confident in training and concentrates in the present not past, neither future.

Background: Everyone in my family was killed except me. All throughout life, through death I couldn’t do anything. War was coming and I didn’t know. A girl was going to kill me because everyone hates my family and I don’t know why. Now I’m running while crying because I’m stupid and I have no one on my side. Why can’t I have someone to trust? I can’t believe anyone, not even myself.

Uchiha, Riku Kuro

A[忍]F Original Character

Name:Riku Kuro

Clan: Uchiha

Zodiac: Aquarius

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jōunin

Jutsu/Techniques: Fire Release, Storm Release, Lightning Release, Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan

Personality: happy-but-dark

Background: Riku was adopted by an Uchiha, he then learned how to use Fire Jutsu and lived with his old man. Riku was however beaten usually and than grew a dark side as he had gotten brutal pain but accepted it, the Uchina man said to not reveal his dark side ever to anybody, THEN the Uchiha man died by assassination but his last words to Riku were:” Let justice prevail” since than anybody who’d interfere with justice will die by Riku no matter who you are, he had than also develop a happy-fun side as well.

Ōtsutsuki, Miyu

A[忍]F Original Character





Rank:Jōunin (declined many requests of ANBU)

Jutsu/Techniques:Dark Release and Lava Release

Personality:Mysterious, mischievous, optimistic, cheerful, loyal, and short-tempered/stubborn

Background:Miyu is an orphan, but she hates talking about her past. The sight of blood triggers Miyu to change into a completely different person.

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